This is the personal blog of Peter Arguriou, a blog of an influential Hellene intellectual and author- one of the youngest of his country. My country is called Greece, a very disrespectful name. The proper name of my country is its ancient one, Hellas.

My country has been recently raided by the locusts of the global monetary system. We are under a peculiar occupation, an unnerving arrangement: the foreign oppressors who are drinking our blood were in fact invited by our domestic governors, by the Greek politicians. It was our political dictators who dictated who our financial dictators would be.

The quality of living in Hellas has decreased, the cost of living has gone way up. They are cutting our pensions, trimming away our wages, leading us to unemployment, strangling the domestic market, taking away our dreams, robbing us of our dignity, selling our public properties to the private sector for ridiculous compensations, destroying our public health infrastructures, crippling research and education, deregulating life, disrupting social bonds, invalidating ethical values. And as if this pillage was not humiliating enough, our foreign and domestic oppressors had the audacity to engage in an unprecedented and shameless propaganda: global mass media strived very hard to blame Hellenes for an outrageous, outstanding and impossible debt which was created by the very same people who are now negotiating it in Hellas’ expense. How ironic for a legal case to be handled by the criminals who committed the crimes…

There was indeed a huge, disproportional  influx of money in Greece during the past 30 years. But this money were loaned for one and only reason: To keep the Greek regimes strong and unchallenged, by the means of bribery and corruption, so that the Greek politicians would loyally and unhindered served the interests of the global elites. And now the elites are claiming their money back- with huge interests. This is not a financing transaction. This is money laundering…

Those who had neither knowledge nor direct involvement in the scam, the Hellenes, are now called to pay for it. They are being ripped off and the global “mess” media are applauding this scheme.

The Greek politicians who have systematically been vulgarizing and corrupting the Hellenic People for more than 30 years are polished versions of dictators the likes of Mubarak, Hussein and Bush Jr and they attracted the support of the global elites as any successful dictator would…

As days go by, the Greek regime is shading off its pseudodemocratic façade and is gradually revealing its true atrocious face, as any real dictator would eventually do.

They created the debt. They used the money to promote and empower key-people, to demoralize and destroy their democratic adversaries, to control public opinion and to make huge financial profits out of a country’s governance. And now they are applauded by their international partners in crime for their “reformative” efforts…

The Hellenic people’s only crimes were naivety, conservatism and apathy… Yet the finger of the Global “Mess” Media is pointing at them and accusing Hellenes of being lazy thieves.

We want our money back, the international monetary demands of the Hellenes. “Give us our money, our lives and our dignity back” the Hellenes cry out loudly. Yet, the IMF is not asking the money from the perpetrators. Instead it is collaborating with them to blackmail  the Hellenic people.

The Hellenes are resisting but are unable to fight back. The Greek society was never a structured one. The Greek regimes ridiculously mimicked or violently imposed political models, completely disregarding the pre-existing social and cultural framework.

The peculiar name of the blog- Hellashell can be read in many different ways: a) A beautiful country with lively inhabitants-Hellas- is gradually transformed into a living hell: Hellas-as-hell

b) Hellas-a-shell. A beautiful shell that is shaking hard under extreme tensions. A shell that is trying to contain a global epidemic of greed. Let’s not forget that Hellas is not a nutshell- it is a sea-shell. It is the Western World’s borderland, its outpost. If that beautiful shell breaks, if the Hellenes break, true political evil will be unleashed to the rest of the civilized democratic world, eventually devouring it and slowly digesting it with its nerve-paralyzing and corruptive neoliberal acids.

If Hellas goes down, you are next.

This blog will gradually inform you of developments about Hellas, developments that “mess media” consciously ignore, mispresent, misreport or distort. It will give some insights on the continuing Struggle for freedom, beauty and dignity.

I know very well what propaganda is. I can understand the newspeak and though I am unable to reproduce its nonsense, I am perfectly able to analyze it and break it down to its components.

This blog is also devoted to fencing off and utterly defeating the propaganda, no matter where it originates from and regardless of where it finally delves in: whether it is politics, geopolitics, journalism, public health policies or science. It is determined to unmask, expose and debunk the financial, demagogic and psychological methods that the global elites –that damned catastrophic culture of chaos- and their servants are using to manipulate public opinion and turn people against their own interests and against each other.

This blog recognizes and honors the other side of the coin as well. Because life is not only about struggles and fights. Fighting, even when it’s righteous, is a misconception. So this blog is also committed to some of the muses, to some of the fine arts who make life worth living: Dedicated to literature and music.

Have a nice, enlightening and informative stay!




§ 4 Responses to “Home”

  • Ασπασία Παπαδάκη says:

    Εκδίδουμε ένα έντυπο – free press “Η Φωνή της Πόλης” στα Χανιά και θα θέλαμε να ξέρουμε αν μπορούμε να δημοσιεύουμε ένα άρθρο σας κάθε μήνα. Ευχαριστώ

  • E. says:


    You mention Greece as a country with a very old history that deserves its original name of Hellas. Are you really sure about this? Probably you are not aware of the publications of the New Chronicles books by A. T. Fomenko et. al.
    These are a real eye opener of all Scalinger based history falsifications… Love your interview in the Robert Scott Bell show from last week …

  • Mike says:

    Bay of Ierissos, diamond of the East Greece, with clean sea water and beautiful beaches, will become a “sea of death”
    if exploitation of gold starts. If not next year then certainly after the first exploitation accident which can not be avoid in close future. As the best way to resolve the problem is to avoid it, inhabitants of this beautiful village need the support of all EARTH LOVERS.

  • boricua says:

    saludos desde Borikén (Puerto Rico). We have been a classic, old fashioned colony for over 500 years, first to Spain and for the last 115 years to the U.S. We don’t know what it is to be free. But we still exist. And we still struggle. And I send solidarity to you and your country.

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