Killing children in the US- Tis my prerogative: Lessons from a school murderer.

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Killing children in the US- Tis my prerogative: Lessons from a school murderer.



Oh my god!

I am shocked.


Rendered speechless.


What was it this time? We all pretty much know.

A young boy, Adam Lanza, killed 20 schoolchildren and 7 adults.

One of the adults was his mother which he shot 3 times. In the face.

He then proceeded to sow havoc to the Sandy Elementary School in Newton Connecticut.

“Sandy, bloody Sandy”.

The massacre was a shock. To anybody.

Every massacre is a shock.

To anyone.

But what is even more shocking is the hypocrisy and the short memory of the US citizens.

For Adam Lanza was not an exception.

School shootings in an epidemic in the US.

Hundreds of children have been shot in the US. Often by schoolmates.

It looks like an epiemic yet it is not: School shootings are so often in the US that they should be considered a national sport by now.

US: the country of junk food, quick bucks and school shootings.

In the light of such a bloody frequency, a decent US citizen should not fail to ask himself and his fellow citizens of a simple, a very simple question: Why? What’s wrong with the US? What kind of poison obliges kids to kill kids?

The candidates are more than one:

The gun culture: The US is a country which was robbed by their rightfull owners, the native Indians at gunpoint.

Thus, a large portion of the US population honor the criminal past of their country by regarding gun ownership as a fundamental right, a birthright.

Next to freedom of speech, lots of Americans treasure guns. Guns which can terminate lives and thus freedom of speech. Some Americans value guns even more than freedom of speech or freedom in general.

It’s a kind of tradition in the US. Perhaps nowhere else in the “civilized” world can anyone find so many guns per capita.

Guns and peace? Isn’t that kind of a contradiction?

Indeed. The US of America is country full of contradictions. It considers itself a champion of peace when in fact for the last decades it has been the bigger warmonger in the world.

The United States of America, for several decades now have been a warlord. Which brings us to the second candidate regarding school shootings:

The war culture:

When a young American kills 20 children it is just an unthinkable tragedy.

When the United States kills hundreds of thousands of kids in Iraq, it is just foreign policy.

When mothers disappear by US driven regimes in countries all around the world, again, it is just politics. No harm intended. It is just what we do. In terms of foreign policy, murder has been acquitted.

The God-emperor’s right to kill and let die that the US has bestowed upon itself is a really bad paradigm for bringing up kids. Because they just might, they just might believe that being an American grants them the right to kill other people.

The war culture is encouraged by a culture of violence: Take a good look at the films the US movie industry produces each year and make an estimate of how many people are cinematographically killed each year. Sometimes, movie producers kill entire sections of the human population just for the thrill of the spectacle.

Cinematic disasters and annihilations of godlike proportions have for decades now cultivated in the US citizens an insatiable appetite for destruction.

Make no mistake: War and violence is a good friend of the US.

We mentioned God.

So lets talk about the God culture in the US.

There are millions of people in the US who believe in an all Mighty God who holds exclusive rights over life and death. He is the only creator who holds a patent for so long, a patent for life and death.

Self-appointed true-believers in the US, pretty much like true believers all over the world might just be tempted to believe that they are god’s chosen, His blind instruments, angels of death granted with the divine right to kill infidels. If you don’t believe that such things actually happens in the US take a good look at the G.W. Bush presidency some years ago. Yeh, your president that embarked on a holy crusade to destroy Muslims. In the name of a Christian God who was formerly Jewish.

Are you people in the US actually in Drugs?

The answer for an increasing number of US citizens is: Definitely. And we love it.

More and more people in the US are addicted to psychiatric drugs that might be capable of turning a slightly problematic person into a deranged one.

But the US don’t need to be on drugs to turn cynical. The US are cynical by definition.

When Israel bombs Palestinian or Lebanese children the US enjoys the spectacle. Israel is an ally of the US god-emperor and thus it has a license to kill.

When the US’ financial assassin, the International Monetary Fund tramples economies and  devastates thousands of human lives so that US companies can feast on the carcasses of the societies the IMF has ruined, well it’s just business as usual.

When a US citizen kills 27 US citizens, it’s a tragedy. When the IMF indirectly forced more than 2000 Greek citizens to commit suicide, well it is just finance. It’s the economy. Its business.

If you are wondering what’s wrong with you people, allow me to offer you the insight of an outsider.

The US have developed a sweet tooth for destruction. They have cultivated an appetite for destruction. They have a created a culture of destruction. And thus, from time to time, they get a serious taste of their own medicine. Of a poison that is hard to swallow, deadly to assimilate, impossible to excrete.

Allow me to suggest what’s wrong with the US. Imagine of a gun crazed religious fanatic suffering from delusions of Grandeur. A guy carrying guns wherever he goes. A guy who’s on drugs yet he still believes he is Nero or that God speaks to him.

If that guy was a country, that country would be the United States of America.

To the good and bright of the USA, I have a sound piece of advice to offer: Stop wondering what’s wrong with the US. Start realizing what’s wrong with America and starting working hard to fix it before the tide of domestic lunacy turns the United States of America into the Underworld States of Atlantis.

Petros Arguriou


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