Western media propaganda is feeding islamic terrorism

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Imagine: You are a muslim migrant. Allready deceived by the virtuality of heaven on earth western propaganda and the “welcome refugees” policies.

You gave all your belongings to the smuglers and went through hell to get to your heaven on earth.

Now you are a jobless person in a collapsing Europe. People look at you with distrust. Only other muslim brothers accept you for what you are.

Now, you are witnessing through your TV set the state of the world.

You allready know what the US and allies did to Iraq and Afganistan.

And you see your civilian brothers in Alepo being shot down by the troops of the dictator Assad and bombed by the warplanes of dictator Putin while fleeing from the massacre.

And what is the west doing to help your brothers? Nothing, nothing at all. The immoral infidel weaklings have succumbed to the power of Russian imperialism.

That’s what the western media tells you.

Holy vengeance is your right.

Of course, western media don’t tell you one small detail: the truth. Western media don’t tell you that it was western governments along with the Saudi’s that armed and funded your “brothers” to get rid of Gaddafi and Assad and tear Libya and Syria apart.

Western media don’t tell that your brothers are using civilians as human shields and shooting down those who trying to flee them.

As long as western media continue to air antisyrian and antirussian propaganda, they are helping shape you the migrant into you the jihadist.

Make no mistake. Western media are abettors to western jihadism to the same degree western governments are accomplices of middle east jihadism.




Christmas in Syria

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White phosphorus, whitewashing White Helmets.

A black man is exiting the White House.

Santa wont drop any more bombs of freedom down Syrian chimneys

Life will quietly start growing under the wrecks.

The dogs of war are helplessly wowing.

They can’t turn your tears into chemical weapons any more.

The prophet is in rage, his prophecies of a global crescent moon forfeited.

Mother Syria.

You stood against an empire.

Mother Syria , you stood against the most powerful nation of vanity.

Mother Syria. The last frontier of dignity in a shameless world

Blame it all on Greece

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Protesters take part in an anti-austerity pro-government demonstration in front of the parliament in Athens

Imagine a damsel in distress imprisoned in a castle and her champion rushing to her aid.

The hero saves the day but the damsel is still in peril.

Each and every time after her hero’s interventions the castle’s walls grow thicker around her and the danger of suffocation is even greater than before.

Eventually the hero rushes to save her one last time and the damsel slaps him in the face shouting at him: Enough already, I don’t wish to be saved any more. To hell with you.

Now replace the damsel with ages old Greece, the castle with an everaccumulating pile of debt and the Hero with EU and IMF and you ll get a pretty good idea of what is happening to Greece.

Greece –once the cradle of democracy and now the cradle of debtocracy- is fed up with her saviors. And for good reasons.

Greece has finally figured out that operation “Save Greece” has been actually a money laundering scheme all along: of the hundreds of billions lent, only a dozen were actually directed towards the Greek State’s essential needs. The rest were used to service debt. In other words: Greece has been accumulating debt in order to repay debt.

The consequences of this vile cycle have been dire: while cruel policies were enforced to deal with the debt, the dept actually grew bigger and bigger over time.

Debt/GDP ratio grew dramatically: In 2009 the ratio was 120%. In 2015 the ratio grew as high as 180%, a ratio second only to Japan’s.

Unemployment rates grew to 28%. One out of two youths is jobless. Salaries and pension were mutilated. Irrational taxes shrunk average income even more. Suicides rates soared high. A new wave of immigration stripped Greece of talent and innovation. If it can be told that countries can die, then Greece is by now a dying country. To make matters even worse, the EU forced bankrupt Greece by exception to incorporate the high recapitalization cost of its banks to its bebt.

Meanwhile, hundreds of billions of deposits fled from the crisis stricken countries and surged into the German banks. It would not be totally unfair to suggest that Germany profiteered from the crisis.

And the gains were not only financial: Europe, once a collective of equals was forced to come to terms with the idea of Europe degenerating into a German hegemony.

The Germans claims that they are playing by the book: they are clearly not: The Greek crisis could have been solved in a matter of weeks but the Germans preferred to turn the spark into a fire: they knew all too well that a European crisis would allow them to become Europe’s top dog.

So, with a Nerorian glee, they stood and watched the fire spread, envisioning the rebuilding of a German Europe over the asses of the former EU.

One of the fundamental problems with the German leadership is that it likes to consider itself as unfaultable and thus unquestionable.

Such an attitude leads to serious errors of judgment. Historically, even when they are trying to do the right thing they are doing it the wrong way and more often they are doing the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.

And the early 21st century Germany is no exception.

Chancellor Merkel succumbed to Washington’s will and supported the Ukrainian coup d’ etat. Now there is a civil war in Ukraine and the Germans know all too well that the situation can get easily out of hand and threaten the rest of the EU. They should have known better.

And the Ukrainian civil war is not the only existential problem EU will have to face:

Germany has been hammering the Greek people with ruthless austerity for so long, that it already managed to turn one of the most proEU countries into an ardent EU separatist, a county with a kamikaze attitude willing to sacrifice the little it is left with simply to save its dignity.

Germany, an export based economy, has already lost the Russian market. They will lose Greece as well and if the Greeks can survive the financial shock others countries will follow Greece’s heroic exodus.

The German economy will crumble eventually.

Germany had its chance to make a good example out of its leadership. But it failed miserably. Having abandoned the geopolitical view of things since its crushing defeat in WWII, Germany has lost an ideal opportunity to turn the Mediterranean into a European vital space and a provider of energy for the energy hungry EU during the Cyprus crisis. Instead, Germany handed Cyprus over to Israel and to private companies.

Germany’s obsession with numbers and rules is as bad as any other obsession it suffered from in the past.

Germany argues and dictates: Follow the rules.

But when the rules don’t work, the logical thing to do is to change them.

Germany argues that states should honor their international commitments: But the primary commitment of any state is to first honor its obligations towards its own people.

They previous Greek governments obviously did not do so. Partly because they were deeply corrupted: German companies like Siemens illegally funded the formerly dominant Greek Parties. Their main concern were to keep EU loans running so they that they could keep on embezzling and charge their criminal deeds to the Greek budget and the already terribly burdened average Greek taxpayers shoulders.  .

The previous Greek governments broke all rules and still they were heavily supported by Germany:

They used Goldman Sachs to hide debt so that they could enter the European Monetary Europe. Again and again they lied to and deceived the electorate: Former P.M’s G.W.Papandreou electoral campaign promised more money: instead he delivered crushing austerity, teas gas, police brutality and the introduction of Troika. After his demise he gave ignorant US students lectures on how to reconstruct Europe! His successor, a once upon time roommate and fellow student, Antonis Samaras, accused his predecessor of committing crimes and promised that he would renegotiate the memorandum in terms favorable to the humiliated Greek society. Yet, he simply continued the antisocial policies exhausting Greeks ever more.

These were not fine examples of representative democracy. These were examples of no democracy at all. And the majority of the Greek people do not recognize the former governments as legal. It is a public demand that the Greek financial and political oligarchies be jailed.

Despite the Germans being perfectly aware of all the aforementioned, they insist on their claim of binding commitments, regardless of political or historical changes. And while the new greek government, elected with a clear public dictate to end the suffering and to restore democracy and dignity, never refused to honor Greek obligations, Germany rejects its historic obligations towards the Greek Democracy as absolute nonsense.

But none should call nonsense the forced loan the Nazis imposed on the occupied and starving Greece, a loan that adjusted to present figures is worth an estimated 11 billion euro, no interest added. Because, even if the slightest interest is added, the Occupation Loan far exceeds the overall current Greek debt.

Greeks have authorized and empowered the current government to do what ever it takes and stand again German totalitarianism, even slap it in the face if necessary, regardless of the consequences. Greeks don’t fight simply to save their selves. After all, they know they are doomed. They are fighting to save democracy all over Europe, and they will defend it at all costs.

The German leadership has once again proven to be dogmatic and thus unfit in a time of historical changes. The leaders of Europe should have a paneuropean vision coupled with respect for the national entity. The Germans are trying to create an EU after their own image. Their previous two efforts resulted in the destruction of Europe. Why should their final effort turn out any better?

Petros Arguriou, 16/2/2015

DNA dogmatism revised

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For decades , a linear gene-centered notion cultivated unreasonably high expectations for genomics.  

Scientific unrealism skyrocketed in 2000, when the multinational effort of the Human Genome Project announced the mapping of the human genome. Some claimed that the conquest of the moon paled in comparison with the new scientific achievement.

Yet, the moon was never conquered. It was simply visited. And the genome was simply mapped. But not fully decoded nor understood. Thus, the 2000 declarations were exaggerations.

 The following years genomics did not deliver any of the promised miracles and new research openly challenged genomic dogmatism.

Genomic terms

Let’s imagine a fully automated factory that produces construction materials for buildings and constructs buildings as well (to simplify our example we will pretend that our factory products bricks and that buildings are made out of bricks.)

The factory has a command center, a CPU that runs a program and gives simple orders that are executed by the rest of the factory’s machinery. Every order corresponds to a mold and every mold to an essential part of the brick, the “building blocks”.

Thus, with a combination of simple orders different shapes and sizes of bricks are build, placed in a certain order and a building is constructed.  

The genomic dogma claimed if we could identify the orders, (they are called codons in term of genetics) we could fix damaged parts of or even build the living buildings of organisms.

And they were wrong.

Because it was discovered that some of the “orders” (the codons) have a dual role:

Not only do they give orders for key-to-lock building blocks to be produced, but they also give orders to stop or begin the production of a new brick: They possess a second,  regulatory role and thus they comprise a second program, a second code. These dual codons are called duons.

A few days ago, John Stamatoyannopoulos from the University of  Washington and his coworkers published a paper in Science that exhibited that 15% of codons are actually duons, proving that the second code, the regulatory one is of great importance.

Why is this so important, why is this groundbreaking?

The previous dogma ignored the role and importance of the duons and their regulatory “code” (we dont know if it is actually a code yet) and focused on the “primary” building program.

 Trying to understand or even worse intervene with the human genome while overlooking the second code is like trying to write a book without using punctuation marks or spaces between words or trying to play a musical instrument without a sense of rhythm.

It makes no sense.

And since living things do make sense, non-sense elements manifest themselves in terms of novel diseases, even epidemics.

It is not only about the “simple orders”. It is about their sequences as well.

This is why replacing a gene with another let alone replacing genes of an organism with genes from another organism is not that innocent a procedure as GMO proponents want us to believe.

Because when we genetically modify an organism, usually, we don’t only replace a series of codons with another series of codons. We have a good chance to change the genetic sequence as well, we have a good chance to “short-circuit” or deregulate the second regulatory program, or even force it to go haywire with totally unpredictable consequences.

One can only imagine what this implies for the so called “GMO science”.

And it is not only about duons. ENCODE, the Encyclopedia of DNA elements has already discovered the role of other overlooked DNA and even non DNA elements in DNA expression and regulation. The universe of geninformatics is much richer and much more complicated than we ever imagined.

At this premature stage of scientific wisdom, humanity cant afford and it shouldn’t be allowed to play God, we should not allow GMO’s outside of laboratories. We might open Pandora’s box instead of unlocking life’s secrets.

In 2008, I wrote an article for the alternative Greek press which was later incorporated in my book “Deadly Cures” (published solely in Greece. For those of you who want to read a book of mine in English ι would suggest that you try Pulp Med) claiming that: “ENCODE findings may require novel proposals, novel interpretations and new definitions, in other words a new language for a new Genomic”

Stamatoyannopoulos findings confirmed the validity of these claims. A new much more complex genetic code is emerging. And I am going to put my money on the discovery not only of duons but of triplons and quadrons as well and of a whole new universe of genetic elements and interactions.    

We shall be amazed by the elegant complexity of the genetic universe.      

If we only survive the vicious attack of GMO interests on Life.

Petros Arguriou, 19-12-2013

My Small Slim Greek Suicide (In the memory of my beloved mother, Barbara Arguriou)

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My Small Slim Greek Suicide  (In the memory of my beloved mother, Barbara Arguriou

Written by her own son, Petros Arguriou on Friday 28 June 2013


Translated by Dimitra Papageorgiou


(My mother Barbara Arguriou, with her beloved daughter, Summer 2012)

I am unable to count the Greek crisis suicides anymore. But I am absolutely certain that from yesterday they are x+1. I am positive, because this +1 added to the math of death was… my mother.

I was emotionally disconnected from my parents very early in life: They supported the System, and they were preparing me for it as did all house-proud families of these days.

In my teenage eyes, the emotional distancing from my parents was a titanic battle against the System, a system which I knew since I was very young how twisted and corrupt it was, without the need of some poisonous indoctrination to program me to react to it.

Of course, even if I was right, I was wrong. My parents, like millions of other Greek parents, were simple and naive people, trapped by the spender usury of their time.

It was a fatal mistake, for them and for my generation and all the generations to come, but a mistake made out of ignorance.

Because of my early detachment and the rejection of all parental stereotypes, I can objectively say:

My mother was a saint. She would help anyone in need. She spent endless years in the hospitals of anguish and shame and she was a volunteer nurse and a psychopomp to dozens of relatives, acquaintances, even to absolute strangers. She would embrace every child on her path.

Her soul had not the slightest blemish. The slightest fraudulence.

Her inexhaustible love was the bonding glue for all the family.

Restless, with a liveliness that would outrun that of her children, combined.

She was bearing her cross without grievances. She never complained about anything. Never asked anything for return. A personification of selfishness.

The last few years were the hardest of her life even after all she has been through.

Crisis savagely entered her life and her household. The future of her three children -all of them well educated- nowhere in sight. Her husband’s pension was brutally cut back. A pension worked and paid for to the last moment, was cut well under half. A pension stolen by the political thugs.

They call it financial rationalization nowadays, they call it reform, and they call it consolidation but don’t let them fool you. What is happening in Greece is a state sponsored theft. A massive audacious theft.

Father’s nagging became a daily routine. Financial pressure was unbearable. The relentless brainwashing from the media, programming us to comply with the massive property, dignity and life theft was taking its toll on everyone’s sanity.

Mother stood to the occasion. She bore everyone’s crosses. She worked constantly in her household with night tariff to save a euro or two.

Relentless with herself. Unrelenting. She slept four hours a day to have everything taken care of.

All of a sudden, twenty days ago, under all this pressure and with all the pain she had stoically accumulated, my good mother collapsed.

This tiny little creature full of life became a shadow of herself. She would not eat. She would not speak. Doctors were futile.

Once upon a time, my mother, with the flares of common wisdom she had, said to me “My boy, I admire you: You are like the phoenix. You always rise up again no matter how many times you fall”. Her words were the greatest gift of all.

In her hour of desperation, I tried to return her this heartfelt loan. I tried to tell her, “Do you remember, mum, you are a Phoenix, too”.

But it was too late. The darkness that conquered Greece and entered my mother’s life as well would greedily devour her inner spark to make sure that she, my little phoenix, would never ever rise up again. That she, our pillar of light and love, would perish for good.

Engulfed by the darkness she was talking crazy. She said to her children, to us, that she murdered us. That she destroyed us. She wanted us to recognize her as our murderer. She asked to surrender to the police. She begged for her exemplary punishment. Punishment for being a saint all her life.

Television was talking through her. She claimed the she, a plain ex-middle class housewife, was the one who stole hundreds of billions from the Greek people, undefended as she was against the international propaganda of the collective Greek blame and shame. She asked to surrender to the police.

She was aware that darkness had taken over her mind. She knew illness very well; after all she had escorted patiently so many people to their last journey.  She would not surrender herself to sickness.

We lost her through our arms.

When others of her age tremble at the thought of death, she rushed to her own death, to force him to relieve her from her martyrdom. Those final, fatal and indelible seconds when my father went to the kitchen to turn the cooker off, she opened the bedroom window and made her heroic exit.

Silently, obediently yet swiftly, she took all her crosses with her to use them as a sinker that would allow her featherweight body of 43 kilos to be crushed by gravity.

It was not death that made my mother a heroine. Not like it happened with the hero Dimitris Christoulas, the pensioner who publicly committed suicide in 2012 to stall the genocidal policies enforced in Greece. It was not death that made my mother a heroine. Mother Barbara was a heroine in her everyday life. A little everyday heroine.

We heard people screaming underneath the house.

When we saw her from the balcony, lying near the garbage can, each and everyone of us collapsed. How couldn’t we? The main pillar of our household was broken. Her bones were broken.

Like houses of cards we fell on the floor bursting in tears.

We went downstairs through the thunderstruck crowd.

Our mother left us the way we remembered her: Without a scratch. Not a drop of blood tainting her appearance.

All the damage was internal. All was kept inside. As in life, so in death.Our little girl.

My father was pulling his hair in his desperation:  “My little sparrow. My little lamb. Oh my little dove!”

He was still in love with her, his companion in life. He was not crying for himself. He cried for her. No one was crying for oneself. All were crying for someone so rare that was gone.

“I am a murdered” shouted my father. “I am a criminal”.

No, my father was not a murderer. He is a good man. Bereaved for the rest of his life of beloved life-companion.

My mother did not leave a suicidal note. We did not get the chance to say goodbye, to listen to her last wishes, to hold her hand, to caress her hair and give her a kiss on the chick.

She left bellwether, proud and alone.

My mother’s death will leave us with more debts.  As I predicted years ago for the country, we are by now hardly able to bury our dead.

But she left us a rich legacy. Her immense soul.A little piece of her soul to mend our broken hearts from her loss. To make us not crueler, but better people.

A legacy we ought to honor. I hope –I can only hope- that we will prove worthy of her bequest: Her love for all people.

I was one of the first to highlight the issue of crisis suicides. I did it to warn people of things to come, to give them a fighting chance. Yet, the tragic irony of my mother committing suicide now haunts our home and our lives.

My mother tried to convince us that she was a murderer. That she had somehow killed us. My mother was not a murderer. She was a saint.

My father was shouting that he was a murderer. That he let his wife commit suicide.

He is not a murderer. He’s a good man.

I am not a murderer nor is anyone from my family.

But I know who my mother’s killer is. It was not his hand of course that pushed her from the window. This was done by her own will and with the almost invincible, heroic even, willfulness to dignity.

It was he, the assassin, who placed this large and heavy burden on her back, on top of the crosses that she carried willingly and without complaint for decades, with her 43 kilos.

It was he, the killer, who confined her, that restless indefatigable woman, on that bed of shame, next to the life escaping window. That window was all she could see as exodus from a pain inside so horrible she dared not utter.

This murderer, this serial killer with the license and immunity to kill, with poisons or silencer, is the political system of this country. And for this monster, death penalty should be reinstated.

A few hours before my mother’s heroic exit, a 41 year old Greek, Nick Tzianis, made his own exit, jumping from the third floor. His suicide memo was both an outright conviction of the rotten Greek political system and a call to arms against it:  «May I, be the last one who will pay your decisions with his blood… May my blood become a river that will drown you…»

Hundreds of thousands young Greeks have “exited” their ruined country seeking for a dignified life. Thousands of Greeks, young and old have “exited” their ruined lives seeking for a dignified death. This is the story of the real Grexit, a story hardly ever told. An exodus from their land of promises and towards the kingdom of the modern monetary Pharaohs.Greeks always preferred death over slavery.

Cyprus: The unprecedented example of an official bank heist

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Cyprus: The unprecedented example of an official bank heist

By Petros Arguriou


For those who wonder where the hell is that island of Cyprus, the answer is: right in the middle of it, right in the middle of a financial hell.

For those who wonder why the hell should we care about an island, the answer is, if not stopped in its tracks, all hell might break loose.

To try and understand the horrific situation in Cyprus, one has to first learn a bit about the history of the island.

Cyprus is the third biggest Mediterranean island, east of Greece and South of Turkey.

Inhabited by Greek people for millennia, Cyprus was conquered by the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century and remained thus until 1878, when the Ottoman Empire leased the island to the British Empire.

In 1914 the British Empire annexed the island.

After a long history of anti-imperialistic struggles seeking unification with Greece, the Island was finally granted its independence in 1960.

But the Turks had not lost their appetite for Cyprus and its geopolitical significance.

In 1964, Turkey plotted to invade the island but the invasion was averted by the uS government and a very strong response to the Turkish’ imperialistic intentions from then US President Lyndon Johnson.

But the US geo-policies who soon sift.

In 1967, a CIA backed coup d’ etat establishes a junta in Greek that would last for seven years. The Greek Junta is a threat to Cypriot Independence.

After Henry Kissinger became Secretary of State in 1969, he oversaw a  plot orchestrated by the Greek Junta with the help of the CIA to assassinate the First President of the Democracy of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarios. Though the attempt failed, the conspirators would not abandon their plans to overthrow Makarios, a man who Kissinger regarded being “too independent”.  In 1974, a coup d etat overthrows Makarios and places a gunman, Nikos Sampson as president of Cyprus. The coup d’ etat served as a pretext for Turks to invade the island. Hundreds of thousands of Greek-Cypriots are ousted from their homes. Thousand of them are still missing.

Cyprus is split into two.

Despite the bloody division, Cyprus will economically thrive. Based on its banking system, Cyprus will have uninterrupted positive growth rates for years to come.

In 2004, Cyprus will join the EU. Influenced by Greece, the small country of 890000 Greek Cypriots would abandon its national currency and thus the ability to plan its own monetary policy and would be absorbed into the Euro mechanism in 2008.

Let’s take a look at the financial figures prior to Cyprus entering the Euro Mechanism:

Budget surplus of 1.5%, inflation 2.2%, 3.9% unemployment and per capita income is 92% of the EU average in purchasing value.
Cyprus public debt is below 60% of Cyprus GDP in 2007.

Now how can such an exemplary economy face a crisis it can’t overcome on its own only a few years later?

The answer is not very surprising. The reason of Cyprus’ downfall lies not in her banking system but rather, in its political system.

The two political systems, the Greek and the Cypriot, coordinated their efforts to accelerate degenerative financial phenomena and acted as catalysts that would enable the manifestation of a crippling financial crisis that would enable the creation of the United States of Europe.

In 2008, the Cypriot people voted for the Cypriot Labor Party, descendant of the Cypriot Communist Party and elected Dimitris Christofias to be their president.

Christofias promised the Cypriots generous social benefits and a more independent Cyprus. The day he was elected he declared: “The goal of our Presidency is to achieve a just, viable and functional solution to end the occupation and colonization. Solution which ensures the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and unity of the Democracy and removes all rights of military intervention in the internal affairs of our country by foreign forces”

Christofias, the pseudocommunist was of course purposely lying in order to deceive the Cypriots and masque his real intentions.

The political integration inside the EU demanded less national sovereignty, not more. At the same time, Christofias tax raided the Cypriots.

In 2009, a year after the presidential elections in Cyprus, George Papandreou, the offspring of a not entirely Greek Political dynasty, an ardent supporter of “Global Governance” and a man with heavy connections with important global lobbies and lobbyists,  is elected by the Greeks for President with the slogan “Money do exist”.

To win the elections he promised the Greek People ample social benefits. He declared that would never invite the IMF into Greece because IMF had the very bad reputation of destroying economies and societies.

He was lying. Papandreou had already made a secret agreement  with Dominique Strauss Kahn, then Head of the IMF, to hand Greece over to IMF.

But the Greek economy, facing huge structural problems, was not yet IMFable. The budget deficit was that big to allow IMF intervention.

For a year or so the Papandreou Administration laid dormant making hallow declarations about an “open government” inspired by the “open society” ideas of his friend, the multibillionaire profiteer, George Soros,

During this period, Papandreou and his minister of Finance, Papakonstantinou were placing their Lackeys inside the state mechanism in key positions.

The most important of them was George Andreou, an IMF employee who returned to Greece in order to lead the Greek Hellenic Statistical Authority.

Andreou, altered the statistical methods that the stats agency was using to inflate the budget deficit. In one year the deficit was adjusted from 3,2% to 12,5% and through his intervention to 15,8% of GDP.

No one  can doubt that the Greek statistics were tampered  with since (at least) 2001 by then Prime Minister Kostas Simitis in order for Greece to meet the Euro criteria. But partners in that fraud were also Eurostat and Eurogroup who wanted Greece to enter the deadly for her non antagonistic economy Euro mechanism.

Andreou, (currently facing charges of high treason), with the absolute authority given to him by Papandreou, artificially inflated the deficit figures even after they were revised to represent the true condition of the Greek economy.

Members of the Greek Hellenic Statistical Authority reacted strongly to this arbitration. They were swiftly removed. A few months later the military leadership was decapitated.

With all official reaction from Greece neutralized PM Papandreou and Papakonstantinou started a smear campaign abroad against Greece using the fake statistics to discredit Greece. Instead of fighting against the fundamental Greek problems of economic and political corruption and unreliability, Papandreou used them as a loaded weapon which he turned against “his own” people.

The campaign worked. No one would lent to Greece. Without any catastrophic event, the Greek economy was downgraded from A to C.

Germany, who had to power to stop the Greek crisis at its tracks with a mild intervention and thus stop contagion and the European Debt Crisis that followed, was already planning ahead, devising a future in which she would be the sole and undisputed European Sovereign and the countries of the South would be completely dependent on her.

With the memorandum signed, the Greek people would be held hostage to their creditors and they would obligatory fund the troika’s “assistance” with their pension, wages and insane direct and indirect taxation.

With the crisis unraveling, the Papandreou government would force Public institutions to buy Greek Bonds that would soon be devalued. A new bomb was placed in the foundations of public organizations and funds.

During that period (2010-2011), the cypriot banks would also behave insanely and buy soon-to-be worthless Greek Bonds.

When the haircut of the Greek debt was decided, the parties exposed to it were not the foreign creditors. The Greek and Cypriot political and banking systems had arranged that almost exclusively Greek and the Cypriot peoples would the ones be exposed and damaged by the haircut..

Cyprus lost 20% of its GDP to the deal.

But the Cyprus economy had to sink even further.

A deadly explosion occurred in the naval base of Mari destroyed a big part of the electrification infrastructure, an explosion that smelled like espionage or at least criminal negligence.

Another 4 to 20% of the Cypriot GDP was lost to the explosion.

That was it. Cyprus was in Big Trouble.

The Cypriot pseudocommunist President would soon announce a memorandum for Cyprus.

They were be no more Cypriot citizens. They lost their citizen rights when they became  hostages to their creditors.

In the summer of 2012 after a shortlived “Greek” government, new premature elections were declared in Greece. The right wing politician Antonis Samaras promised his voters to renegotiate the terms of the memorandum in favor of the Greek people. Under constant blackmails, he manages to marginally win the iterative elections. With support of the remains of the pseudosocialist former ruling party, and a splinter party from the radical left which for years remained dormant in order to provide support to the political establishment when the time was right, Samaras formed an unholy alliance to finish off Greece.

Samaras deceived and lied to the Greek people. Not only did he not renegotiate terms but he signed even crueler ones.

Some months later, Cyprus elections occurred. In 28 February 2013, a right wing Politian with an unpatriotic history, Nikos Anastasiadis, was elected for President of Cyprus. To win the elections he guaranteed Cypriots their bank Deposits.

He was of course lying: A few days later he announced a banking deposits haircut. 6,7% for deposits under 100000 euros, 9,9% for deposits over 100000 euros, a sum which amounts to roughly 30% of the rescue package offered by the Eurogroup.

The Cypriots are outraged. They are called to save their banking system with interests on loans created partly with they own savings.

Keen with the banking system since they have created a banking based economy, the Cypriots know that the saving accounts tax, actually a confiscation, an unprecedented bank robbery, would be followed by a withdrawal of trust from the Cypriot Banking System and thus a massive accounts withdrawal: a bank run.

The Cypriot  economy would instantly collapse. And it would never recover.

A Financial Junta was imposed by the Cypriot government. For two days, banks were closed. Only the ATM’s were working for the law that legalized bank robbery to be passed.

The Cypriot Economy froze. The global banking system froze as well. Stock markets globally went down. The message from Cyprus was clear. Banks were no more a safe place to entrust them with your money. A very bad precedent was set.

The risk of a bank run contagion appeared all of a sudden.

What were the Germans thinking? By dictating the uncypriotic Cypriot government to confiscate banking accounts, the Germans backstabbed both the global banking system and the Euroatlantic concession of good faith and cooperation.

What were the Germans thinking?

The Cypriot banking system was a tax haven. A part of the disproportionately large Cypriot bank deposits were from Greek depositors. About a quarter of them were from Russians. And an important fraction of them belonged to the British.

Already, during the Greek crisis, an estimated 140 billion euro fled the Greek Banking  system. A great deal of them entered the German Banking System.

A “controlled” bank run.

Now, when you run, what do you seek? Not a tax haven but a safe haven. And the German banks are a safe haven during the Eurocrisis.

Bank deposits will run from high risk countries to the German Safe Havens.

In the case of Cyprus, the Germans, will also get control of the Cypriot Banks subsidiaries in Greece.

This is not help, or rescue. This is a raid.

Thankfully, under the pressure of thousand of Cypriot citizens who gathered outsied the Cyprus parliament to protest, parliament members voted against the law. 39 MPs voted against and 19 abstained. Sanity is for now restored.

The only question that  remains to be answered is: Is Germany after dissolving Europe to completely dominate and restructure it to her own interests? We will know pretty soon as we will witness unpredictable developments regarding the western world.

The Bank Theft Legalizing Law has yet been voted by the Cyprus parliament due to pressure exerted by the people of Cyprus. Let’s hope it will never will.

Greece, a Policy State in disquise

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Greece: A police state

Petros Arguriou (hellasashell.wordpress.com)

ιερισσός blockadeFor three years now Greece has been placed into a quarantine. Not only by the markets as it is believed by also by mass media.

For 3 years now, the peoples of Greece have been denied some of their basic civil rights.

Mass protests are actually forbidden and when they occur they are faced with extreme police brutality including the extensive use of chemical weapons… Tons of them have been employed to disperse peaceful protests against policies that have virtually dismantled the Greek middle class and have led thousands of dignified Greeks to commit suicide, even in public places as a means of protest. Strikers have been requisitioned. 

Yet, little is known of what is actually happening in the interior of Greece, while racist Anti-greek stereotypes are still persistent in western mass media, a fact that indicates the hypocrisy and the take over of mass media by big private interests, private interests that engage in an orgy of exploitation and looting of Greece.

The deeply corrupted Greek political establishment has been totally transformed since the Days of the Pseudosocialist Prime Minister George Papandreou, the instigator o f the Greek and Eurocrisis, who stole the vote of the Greek people by ensuring them  that “Money  exist” thus giving them the promise of redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor while he did exactly the opposite.

Having lost most of its electoral power, in order to survive and maintain its privileges, the Greek political establishment  formed an electorally marginal coalition government led by George Papandreou’s former fellow student, the right wing politician Antonis Samaras, who promised the people of Greece that he would renegotiate the terms of the memorandum in favor of   the Greek people yet he continued to enforce even harder backbreaking austerity measures and added to the suffering of the Greek people who almost lost all hope.

To remain in office, Samaras resorted to an extreme right wing rhetoric: He and his minister of “protection of the citizen” (actually a euphemism for the ministry of oppression of the citizen) Nikos Dendias have resorted to and enforced the dogmas of “Zero Tolerance” and “Law and Order” to further terrorize the Greek People.

The most striking example of way antidemocratic way these dogmas are perceived and enforced is a village in Chalkidiki, one of the most beautiful places in Greece full of natural and archeological treasures,  the Village of Ierissos.

The village of Ierissos

Through the intervention of mr Bobolas, a businessman wellknown for his mutually benefiting relations with the rotten greek political establishment, the company Eldorado was granted at a scandalous price a vast woodland area to establish a goldmine, an operation deemed by scientists to be an environmental bomb of megatons that would eventually blow up in the face of beautiful Chalkidiki. Chalkidiki is to become a new Eldorado.

The local residents opposed the environmental threat. And each and every time they protest, they would face the  greek elite police forces, known as the MAT, who were given orders by their higher ups to behave as hired mercenaries, sworn to protect the interests of the golddiggers.

After a peculiar incident of an unidentified attack to the premises of the goldmine that led to material damages on February, the police started a witch hunt, declaring the entire village of Ierissos “a suspect” and dealing with them as if they were terrorists.

Villagers were indiscriminately arrested and interrogated without any evidence, DNA samples were taken  with the use of interrogation methods which involved the application of psychological violence.

In some cases, villagers were abducted. Their lawyers and families knew not of their whereabouts for hours and the authorities refused to answer to their agonizing pleas.

State terrorism escalated. Two under aged villagers were called in for investigation.   The village was under siege.

But not anymore.

Because on March 7 2013, two elite Greek police squads invaded the village. They abducted six villagers and threw chemicals at the village square, nearby the village’s dispensary and inside the school’s backyard.

Patients as well as schoolboys fainted.

Here are some testimonies of several eye witnesses of the brutal invasion:

(source Radio Thessaloniki: http://www.rthess.gr/articles_det.asp?artid=41408):

«Four squads of ΜΑΤ came from Poligyros. The church-bells of Ierissos tolled, the entire village gathered in the entrance of Ierissos. When the MAT entered the village, MAT (police elite forces) threw and are still throwing a rain of tears gasses, even inside the high school of Ierissos. Children are fading, old men are fading. It is chaos. Blockades… Old men are falling down, they cant breath, houses are closing houses so tear gasses wont enter. A rain of teargases. It is virtually a state of war. We ask for the help of free democratic people. We ask for their help. Ierissos is too small a place to endure such a great burden. Please help us”   


“They threw smoke bombs in the entrance of the school which created issues for children with respiratory problems. I have now in my office an unconscious schoolgirl and a lady who came for her child and I can’t – the dispensary is nearby and I cant offer any help- I cant reach the doctor and the doctor can’t come to the school because there are teargases outside… We are very disturbed, excuse me I have to go back and check out on the rest of the children”






“They have thrown us teargases inside the school, we have kids who have respiratory problems. Please, help us. We keep the children inside the school to protect them. Their parents are classing with the MAT in the square of Ierissos. Someone stop this.

(Voices of children are heart. The schoolteacher cries out loud: Everybody get inside: EVERYBODY INSIDE NOW). As we speak the MAT are outside of the school. What kind of a State exposes kids to such a danger? I am calling from Chalkidiki. Chalkidiki. I don’t know if you know it”.


“.. An entire army. People have gathered because they were afraid as they saw the MAT. The school is in panic. Children are afraid, some have suffered anxiety attacks. They are throwing chemicals inside our school, inside our houses, inside our village. We keep the children inside the school but it is not easy to keep 300 children inside a school when they know the parents our out there and in danger. It’s a tragedy. We ask for help. WE ASK FOR HELP.”


A total of 8 people have been shortly abducted from the MAT. That is a clear case of “forced disappearance”, a crime against humanity. Prime minister Samaras and minister Dendias will have to answer at some point of time for crimes against humanity.

 About the writer: Petros Arguriou is a Greek free-lance writer and analyst.

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