Western media propaganda is feeding islamic terrorism

December 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

Imagine: You are a muslim migrant. Allready deceived by the virtuality of heaven on earth western propaganda and the “welcome refugees” policies.

You gave all your belongings to the smuglers and went through hell to get to your heaven on earth.

Now you are a jobless person in a collapsing Europe. People look at you with distrust. Only other muslim brothers accept you for what you are.

Now, you are witnessing through your TV set the state of the world.

You allready know what the US and allies did to Iraq and Afganistan.

And you see your civilian brothers in Alepo being shot down by the troops of the dictator Assad and bombed by the warplanes of dictator Putin while fleeing from the massacre.

And what is the west doing to help your brothers? Nothing, nothing at all. The immoral infidel weaklings have succumbed to the power of Russian imperialism.

That’s what the western media tells you.

Holy vengeance is your right.

Of course, western media don’t tell you one small detail: the truth. Western media don’t tell you that it was western governments along with the Saudi’s that armed and funded your “brothers” to get rid of Gaddafi and Assad and tear Libya and Syria apart.

Western media don’t tell that your brothers are using civilians as human shields and shooting down those who trying to flee them.

As long as western media continue to air antisyrian and antirussian propaganda, they are helping shape you the migrant into you the jihadist.

Make no mistake. Western media are abettors to western jihadism to the same degree western governments are accomplices of middle east jihadism.




Christmas in Syria

December 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

White phosphorus, whitewashing White Helmets.

A black man is exiting the White House.

Santa wont drop any more bombs of freedom down Syrian chimneys

Life will quietly start growing under the wrecks.

The dogs of war are helplessly wowing.

They can’t turn your tears into chemical weapons any more.

The prophet is in rage, his prophecies of a global crescent moon forfeited.

Mother Syria.

You stood against an empire.

Mother Syria , you stood against the most powerful nation of vanity.

Mother Syria. The last frontier of dignity in a shameless world

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