Have a yogurt Mr. Greek Vice president. It’s on us!

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you watched the video, you will be surely wondering: “What are these people shouting about and who are they shouting at? It is all Greek to me”.

Let’s start with the easy part. The person they are shouting at is the bulky one, Theodore Pangalos, The Greek Government’s Vice President.

On 16 March 2011 he intent to feast in a tavern in Kalubia, in the district of Keratea. When the citizens of Keratea learned of his visitation they gathered in numbers and started namecalling him: “Asshole” they shouted, “pig”, “fatso”, “you are next”.

What caused such a strong reaction towards the Vice-President’s presence?

First and foremost it has to be noted that the citizens of Keratea are in siege by formidable police forces who are determined to enforce the government’s decision to create a  dump in an area of great archeological interest.

For months now the citizens have been battling against police forces. That’s the way the Greek P.M, George Papandreou and his government understand the concept of democratic dialog.

Secondly, the citizens responded to all the insults made by the Greek Government’s Vice President. Theodore Pangalos has functioned as the government’s breakwater. He has tried to  give the Greek people a guild trip by accusing them of the financial crimes that the Greek Governments have committed over the period of at least three decades. He called them thieves. He has called public servants -with no exception- curs. He has called Greeks under their forties pathetic. He has cancelled political dialog with the argument that the Greek people are irrational,  forgetful, lacking imagination.

If these kind of insults were made against one person, there is no doubt that a fight, a physical or judicial one would be inevitable.  What is then expected to transpire when this kind of outrageous insults are made against a nation? How should a nation whose pride is already deeply hurt, react? How should a nation respond to insults made by the same political figures that robed it of it’s future and dignity? How would you react if kleptocrats called you, their victims, thieves?

I guess not that good. These insults cannot be taken lightly.

In Greek, Theodoros means a gift from God. Yogurt means… yogurt. So yogurt is the gift the people of Keratea gave, a  gentle sacrificial offer to Theodore, in return for the gift a cruel political god gave them.

The yogurt hurled and landed on the Vice president’s forehead was a well deserved appetizer. After all, as observed in the video, after the appetizer, the Vice President did not lose his appetite at all. He was sitting in apathy, waiting for dinner to be served.

A well served dinner, a well deserved yogurt.

A lot of verbal attacks against Greek Politicians that have contributed  in the Greek Tragedy, yet they are still shielded from the consequences of their own deeds by the system of the greek political and financial casts  and by the shameless and undemocratic Greek Parliamentary Immunity ,have preceded this one. There was also an incidence of a physical attack against a member of the parliament. More counterattacks are bound to happen.

The Greek people, frustrated by the great injustice they were served, unable to bring to justice the political culprits of financial scandals concerning not only the estimated 350 bns euros of dept, but trillions of shadowy transactions, have the right to resort to self defense. It is their last line of defense after all.

The Greek Regime, though softer then its Arabic counterparts is nevertheless an abberation that needs to be terminated before the situation gets out of hand, before there is serious bloodshed in a country which is Europe’s borderer.



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