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Love’s elegy

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Love’s elegy

Peter Arguriou

We are being denied love. Touch. Contact.

The mysteries of self lay dormant. They may never be awakened until we die.

We are being treated as automatons. Everything we need is material. And thus, we are starving and eating each other, like the fine young cannibals we have become.

A lover’s glimpse that penetrates flesh and form to reach our most eternal and protected parts.

We are humans. Essential part of an unspeakable mystery. Yet we are in constant denial of it.

I want to breath you. To merge with you, lose my prison of a self inside yourself. Flourish and fulfill my limited existence. Expand gently like a blossoming flower.

Love is the only freedom. Lovemaking is the art of freedom.

I will embark soon, leave my own borders, travel into the seventh seas of pleasure. I will find you amidst the storm, touch your hand, enter the soul of the living universe inside your eyes.

We shall become one, then part again, so that the promise will be kept. Over and over again through the dividing and conquering eons we shall unite and conquer them.

Make patience my love but let not patience fool you. I want you now and forever. Even if I am not allowed your soothing presence, your rich essence runs through me like a caring stream.

Lets inaugurate the mystagogi, you and I. We have not forgotten the  sacred mystery of love. We have kept our promise in a world that crashes all dreams and hopes. We have remained humans.

We deserve the endless kiss, the breathless breath, the motionless flow.

Death, shall not do us apart.

My love.  

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