Society: A letter to the Bonos of this world

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Finish him!!!

            I can still remember that specific coin up game, the first of the still expanding Mortal Kombat series. Beating endlessly your opponents with all kind of fighting styles and then, when you had the best of them, there would be that irresistible command:


To whom it may concern: A letter to the Bonos of this world

by Peter Arguriou

The game encouraged you to unleash your hatred towards human kind and perform all kinds of atrocities to that dazzled but still standing foe of yours: rip his head of, separate him from his spine, burn him to the ground, turn him into an icecube and blow him to pieces. The final blow was called “FATALITY” and kids absolutely loved it. They still do. That’s how cruel we are.

And that’s an understatement:

On the other side of the world, in a blackened continent where death, violence and misery rule, they haven’t included that “fatality” feature, killing people in style. They just murder them or starve them to death.  

Death most often comes as a slow, tormented punishment, eating your body and your soul away.

It comes in the form of famine, of thirst, of rapes, of mutilations, death comes in the form of an atavistic struggle for survival. It comes in the form of AIDS. Africa, divided and conquered and artificially reunited in the form of heterogeneous countries has been left to its own devices, it has been surrendered to local warlords and pirates.

We have taken everything from mother Africa. We have taken her riches and left them Africans in a state of constant denial. Denying them home, land, water, a future, a state of being. We destroyed the preexisted social structures and left them with chaos. We took her proud children and turned them into slaves and later on into athletes running, jumping, fighting giving a show for their former masters nations.      

We took their music and turned them into Eminem.

We left -them –with –nothing and despite this civilized façade we are still wearing, we are still plundering.

What we did is devilishly clever though. We were always a cunning race. The people we abducted and enslaved, the people who could no longer tolerate being treated like shit, the people who stood up against their oppressors, we baptized them, christened them, rolled a filthy carpet at their feet, welcomed them, we incorporated them into our modern, democratic, liberal, just world, knighted them, rewarded them with metals, even elected them. Barrack Obama, a condescending persona, is not only the first black US President, he is the first universally accepted black Messiah, the one who carried the cross of racism and prejudice, of uneven chances, of hatred and animosity all the way up to the presidential cathedra, the savior that we elected to lift our sins of the past.

But the US negro is an all together different creature from the African. The former is a complete human being, the later is the Westerner’s shithole.

In the end, t is all about definitions. It is not about laws, charities, organizations, it is about definitions. Democracy, fairness, goodness, humanitarianism, AIDS, everything is about definitions, they go as far as definitions allow them to go. Man, women, gays, animals, nature, children can be as human as we decide them to be. They can be human or dogs, or things. When they are humans, laws, ethics and societies are shielding them. When they are things we can do whatever the hell we want to do to them. We’ve done it before, we will do it again, soon enough, judging form the universal mess we’ve created.

The ancient Greeks, the Hellenes, were honest enough to proclaim “everything that it is not Hellenic, is barbarian”. And they were referring not to race or color but to mentality and ethos. We, the Westerners, are hypocritical enough to not say “We Westerners are the best, f… all the rest” but act accordingly to our arrogance and superiority complex.

But we do, we do f… them. We did F… the American Indians. We f…ed the india’s Indians. We F…ed China. And we are still F…ing Latin America, and we do f… AFRICA which we turned into a brothel. A whole continent turned into a brothel…

So we can have our little charities and sing altogether “ We are the world, we are the children…” because it is not us f… the poor Negros. They did it to themselves perhaps, they had bad karma perhaps, or is it just their zodiac sign? Oh ok, we guess that there are some bad white guys out there taken advantage of some Africans. But aren’t they the exception? The rest of us, the civilized progressive westerners are not to blame. Are we?

Wanna know who’s f…ing Africa? Well look around.

Who’s running the companies that exploit Africa’s raw materials? Who’s turning of the stockpile of excess food and burring it instead of offering it to the starving continent? How come African nations are shamelessly indebted towards US and Europe when that naturally rich and artificially poor continent can not even sustain itself?

Who raises money for unproven AIDS drugs but not for food and irrigation? Who has taken Africa hostage?

Bono, who’s killing mother Africa?

Certainly not us mr Ambassador.  We are the good guys.

Well take a good look around.

The financial gun is still steaming. 

 And AIDS is one if many triggers it possesses.


It is a Mortal Kombat after all. The killing fields. The kingdoms of  Subhumans. Schrödinger’s cat people: Born dead, dying, dead or living, you never know till you open the box and peek inside. But you don’t want to open the box. Africa contained, AIDS contained, it is a prison continent, a contained continent, you can not have any of them escaping into the world, I mean into the real world, can we?

Africa’s killing fields, are a form of agriculture. They produce death and misery and disease. It is their national product. The death culture. That’s what the deprived, the denied Africa produces. And nobody wants to buy that crap… It is African after all. Nothing good comes from there. And they also have that AIDS. Let them have their dear deaths.

…Africa, the continent of the born dead people. A few hours flight away… we exploit and export death and disease, and exploit and export life and treatments.

But why wont we???

Why wont we????

Why wont we….

buy them food, water, condoms and antibiotics, spent money to teach them how to use them correctly.

Ok, you got me there. Who am I kidding?

AIDS drugs are the solution to everything. That’s what Africa really needs… Drugs instead of condoms, drugs instead of food and water. Oh yes, and more glamorous fundraisers to make the ALL Mighty Big Pharma even mightier in Africa’s expense.





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